Frit Mallorquí

Frit MallorquiFrit Mallorquí is a very popular dish on the island and can be made in many different ways, as its main ingredients can be meat or fish. The following is a variety that features sweetbreads.


1 kg potatoes 
Pork or lamb sweetbreads (lung, liver, blood, etc) 
1 bunch of spring onions 
2 hot peppers 

1/2 kg green peppers 
Fennel stalks 

  • 1 head of garlic 
  • 2 laurel leaves 


First, fry the potatoes and set them aside in a clay dish. Then, sauté the sweetbreads, hot peppers, laurel and garlic. Next, sauté the green peppers with the spring onions and fennel. Drain the oil and combine all the ingredients.